Hydroelectric Power plant SFU

An old hydroelectric power plant

Hidden in the trees, a few dozen to a long path in the woods, I could never find this plant without the help of an old man who protect a nearby castle … The use of this plant is unknown, I thought to supply military camp during World War II, but the facilities are dated to the late 50s. It can be used for a nearby farm, or a missing from the factory.
Protected by its location, it has suffered little damage, except the windows stolen, and flooding due to clogged water retention


When I got there, disappointment, I see the dam, but do not see how this will produce electricity! Dirt has replaced water, doors gave way under the pressure, I cross to find the stairs leading down under restraint to discover what I wanted.

The doorE
Hourra !

Inside, an alternator, pulleys, a pressure regulator and a transformer are waiting for me!

Alternateur triphasé
Régulateur et volant en bout de turbine

The speed of rotation is controlled by a mechanical system that opens and closes the water. The voltage is then adjusted.

Régulateur mécanique
Régulateur mécanique
Vanne de régulation
Vue de face
l'alternateur triphasé devant son transformateur en cage
l'alternateur devant son transformateur en cage
Vue en bout d'arbre de l'excitatrice
Balais de l’excitatrice recouvert de poussières
Balais de l'alternateur

Transmission between the 2 turbine and the generator was done by a large belt (which is still in place, but fell to the ground), the voltage was provided by a pulley system energized by a leaf spring.

Tendeur de courroie
Marque de fabrication du tendeur

With a capacity of 180KVA, 3200V input, the output voltage of 230V indicates a close use from here..

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