Cristallerie des deux barreaux (en)

This is a well known place in the world of exploration, I thought it was totally devastated, as most known places, yet a nice surprise waiting for us and my friends.
After crossing a few buildings with old stocks of crystal, we first come across various molds and templates, and behind what once must have been a canopy, mussels and other glasses / vases and various products from the factory . Unfortunately for me, I could not enter this room, access is provided for skinny people …

More boxes
Polishing wheels
Boxes again
The first mold

I would just shoot through the holes and move the camera and tripod inside also …

Not sure whether this glass
By the windows
More molds
Give me the 158

A backup plan was clearly established by the panels found on the spot, hoping they save everything …

Good, and for the next article? You prefer a university? a castle? a plant?

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