Manor tarpaulin

By following a doe and after crossing the guards of the place, I get behind the mansion sheeted. Surprise wandering aimlessly in the countryside, which, incidentally, is the best way to find a place to explore, this small manor house surrounded by a small farmhouse seems to have received a rescue attempt who failed …

The guardian
Ouvrez la cage aux oiseaux

Dependencies are full of old objects, tools, stored in a merry mess.

An old shelf
Messy things
A little wardrobe

The owners had to produce their own wine, the press waiting to be reused, and the barrels are partly full.

The press!
Hips !

Then comes the garage, which hides a very cute cart! « Arola 15 » to be precise! The brand name change in 1984 to become « Aixam », you’ve at least pushed one into a ditch! This luxurious model was powered by a « Motobecane » engine equipped with a steering wheel instead of handlebars other models, one place because it was considered as a moped, with … keep you well … reverse gear and sliding windows! Moment of nostalgia, the first wasteland that I visited, it was an « Erad » car factory, there is about 20 years …

Arola 15
Strange car

It’s time to discover that the house is very empty. Aside rooms used as a storage and a magnificent staircase, not much to see.

Take a seat

A little unexpected mansion, but a friendly visit without damage and looting.

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